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Free Download of Reimagining USVI Culture: Adages are Linguistic Celebrations 2022 Calendar Images

About the Project

This 2022 calendar project, Reimagining USVI Culture: Adages are Linguistic Celebrations, is presented by three academicians at the University of the Virgin Islands on the St. Croix campus. The interdisciplinary team of scholars and accomplished experts includes communication specialist Dr. Sharon Albert Honoré, visual artist Danica David and instructor of social science, Nisha Clavier. During the initial stages they worked with student representatives, Shimeeka Stanley, Jahmoi Benjamin, Nadege Barber, Michael Bell, Anjali James and Elijah Salem to create a quality product of artwork and writings that reflects the culture of St. Croix, VI.

The result is a beautiful, well-versed calendar of 12 months that reflects a distinct linguistic pattern specific to marginalized and under-represented populations of Crucian heritage and/or background. One dozen adages or cultural sayings were selected from a collection of more than 20. Each month examines a specific adage that was analyzed and interpreted by the writers and artists.

Incorporation of these adages into daily conversation will bear testament to the legacy of the Crucian community of St. Croix. Furthermore, the terms provide evidence that indeed, “the English language is a multi-faceted oration subject to indefinite transformation,” as argued by Dr. Jamiliah Lyiscott (3 ways to speak English, The calendar is meant to stimulate dialogue and intellectual discourse about “proper” and “broken” English and reimagine the ideology of who/what is “articulate.”

A designated number of 2020 Reimagining USVI Culture: Adages are Linguistic Celebration calendars will be freely distributed to schools on the island of STX, in coordination with video compilations and organized classroom visits. In addition to community outreach efforts, financial donations and calendar sales will supplement aid for UVI students as they pursue excellence in higher education. Together we hope to Reimagine USVI Culture and demonstrate that Adages are Linguistic Celebrations.

Reimagining USVI Culture: Adages are Linguistic Celebration is produced, in part, by a grant from the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands.

2022 Calendar Images Download

Reimagining USVI Culture Adages are Linguistic Celebrations 2022 Calendar
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