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"Creative Callaloo: Art, Poems, and Recipes Inspired by the Virgin Islands" Author

I am filled with bliss! My first book Creative Callaloo: Art, Poems, and Recipes Inspired by the Virgin Islands is published. Books are available for purchase at The writing process and layout design took three years to develop. The most arduous task during the creative process was deciphering artistic and appetizing color combinations. I worked on the manuscript, then ceased on numerous occasions because something more pressing would require my attention. Thankfully, Winfred “Oyoko” Loving, one of the book contributors, encouraged me to continue on.

Writing this book was like sharing my heart’s passion with a new friend, or a lover. I wrote to impress and enlighten. I wrote about the nuances of my childhood, art, culture, and history of the Virgin Islands. Creative Callalloo also features recipes by accomplished chef Mark E. Davis and poems by the talented Winifred “Oyoko” Loving. The vibrant art will stimulate your senses, the passionate poetry will enlighten your spirit, and the appealing recipes will satisfy your appetite I truly hope that you enjoy Creative Callaloo!

Creative Callaloo is a colorful, captivating compilation of art, photographs, poems and recipes! It is sure to please a wide audience –residents, tourist, art collectors, poets, cook, teachers etc.”

— Dr. Roberta Knowles

Professor Emerita & Author of Arona Petersen

“What a wonderful gift from the Virgin Islands! Creative Callaloo is full of the color, creativity, and joy that represents the very spirit of the Caribbean.”

—Gillian Royes

Author of The Goat Woman of Largo Bay, Simon & Schuster, NY

Book Preview

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