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"The Vienna Cake Mystery" Book Illustrator

“The Vienna Cake Mystery” children's book that I illustrated for the amazing author Charlene Abramson Joseph is available for purchase on “The Vienna Cake Mystery" is also part of the Virgin Islands 10th Annual Governor's Summer Reading Challenge. One of my life's dream came to fruition. I am now a book illustrator. Praise God !!!

t was not an easy task. I was commissioned by Charlene Abramson Joseph for this project in early September of 2017. Two weeks later Hurricane Maria devastated my homeland, St. Croix. During the recovery stage, it was difficult adjusting to many weeks without electricity and internet service. Ten weeks passed before these essential human survival services were restored. Ten weeks may seem like a long time. However, I was fortunate. Many individuals had to wait three months or more for service restorations. In retrospect, I worked hard and would do it again despite the challenges.

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(L-R) Danica M. David, Charlene Abramson Joseph

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