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Many times, when I am in my studio on an urgent business call, I would hear “cock-a-doodle-doo” in the background. One or more roosters are scampering outside. To keep the roosters away from my studio, I bought garden pebbles. I placed the stones around the perimeter of my home. However, that did not prevent the roosters from moving away or stop the noise. These unruly fowls continued. These unruly fowls are everywhere. They are downtown Christiansted, downtown Frederiksted, in the country, on the hillside, valley, by the shoreline. I have seen them on school campuses. I can’t get away from them. Perhaps they are trying to get away from me.

Suddenly, I reached my breaking point during an urgent business call. I heard the loudest “cock-a-doodle-doo“ sound ever. After my conservation, I ran outside to look for the culprit or culprits. It was one rooster. I reached down for a small pebble. When the rooster ran away from me, I saw shades of blue glistening from its back feathers. I looked closer and saw red and orange hues that extended from its bosom.

I experienced an “aha moment.” I realized that this rooster was a majestic creature. I dropped the pebble and ran back into my studio. Immediately, I gathered my art tools and began painting. From that moment, I started observing every rooster. Instead of rushing for a small pebble when I heard “cock-a-doodle-doo,” I got my camera. I translated photographic images into a vibrant work of art. The unruly roosters became my muses.

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